Away from home :c

2013-06-18 17:36:43 by MyFuckinMess

Hey fellas! I'm going on a little road trip with a friend, starting tomorrow, so i'll be away for 1 month.. (back the 23th July) But it will be a great experience for me who didn't travel a lot, and a good way to clear my mind. This little trip will be also good for my english haha. We'll travel through Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and your mom.

I promise to work on future animations on my return! The last i made was The UndeadFeated, you can watch it on Youtube or NG for better quality!

It's a bit late because the animation isn't on the FP anymore but it's always very cool to see one of my animation on it. Knowing the site since 2001, i've never felt disappointed by it, i'm really proud to be member and part of Newgrounds!

See ya in one month! <3


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2013-06-18 19:56:10

See you in one month. Have a fun trip and come back soon so you can make more great animations.


2013-06-19 09:11:50

God Dark Souls is hard.