Lil news & new animation!

2013-11-21 10:59:30 by MyFuckinMess

Hello friends and enemies, it's been a while since i didn't give any news. Glad to see THE DONG have been mostly appreciated haha. Thanks for giving the opportunity to The Dong to be frontpaged for several days, it's a big step towards the commercialization of the product and the lady's pleasure.

I've been working during a month on an animation for Machinima "Just a Normal Day in GTA", the script was written by Kevin Corrigan, it was quite interesting to work on someone script but i don't think i'll do that too often. Kinda limited in the amount of dick to hide.. The story wasn't that bad but it's always funnier and enjoyable to do your own thing with your own rules. Also they added a shitty add at the begining, and kinda ruined the video quality but enjoy :

Oh and they and havn't credited the voice actors so here they are!
Adelle Yeung :
Jason Parton :

Right now i'm working on a good old fashion parody, i let you find the gayme.

Lil news & new animation!


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2013-11-21 12:28:37

Rogue Legacy? Ya know that was made by dudes from NG!

MyFuckinMess responds:

Yea i saw the MFQT reference in da game! It could only come from NG dudes haha


2013-11-21 13:29:10

Will there be funny faces?

MyFuckinMess responds:

Of course, i guess.


2013-11-21 15:15:17

Will it make sense?

MyFuckinMess responds:

I guess yes


2013-11-21 19:43:30

Will it also be a fucking mess?


2013-11-21 21:53:49

More like...



2014-01-01 16:33:57

Played Rogue Legacy a lot lately and found the parody awesome and accurate at the same time ^^


2014-01-01 18:09:00

You're such a Khidr