A cow's life and a glitch!

2014-10-08 06:01:51 by MyFuckinMess

Finally a new toon to the Minecraft mob's life serie! I really enjoyed doing it and i hope you'll feel the same while watching the stuff. 

Right now i'm working on the Captain Handicapped prequel written by my mate Butsaay (Daniel Butler), and it should be really silly..! I'm also trying to leave Machinima but they don't seems to let me go..

And now for something different, the new Rust is getting better and better, here is a little glitch from a friend :

Sorry for that, i'm not makig fun of the game, the whole new design is fantastic and the mechanics have been revisited to something really attractive, nearly addictive. You should try if you're the survivor, pvp, cock lover kind haha

Here is a screenshot :



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2014-10-08 08:42:56

10/10 would seize again.


2014-10-13 13:17:01

that lsd trip bro