Entry #26

Hi, i made something!

2015-07-02 12:01:51 by MyFuckinMess

Hi everyone, I've worked the past two months on an animated music clip for some friends of mine. It's a bit dreamy and very different from what i'm used to do, but it was very cool to work on that project.

Have a good trip!


Also, i didn't even realized, but my last toon "Big Hero Sweet" reaches the 300k views! That's crazy, thanks to you, you dirty forks!


Concerning my next toons, i'm working on a short for the channel #Mashed, and i've started a Pokemon short too but it's in stand by for now, he's probably very lonely btw..




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2015-07-02 13:35:03

I don't think I ever front paged Big Hero Sweet on NG... Dammit! How did I miss that? Do you recall getting FP?

MyFuckinMess responds:

Why naht! I'll be less dead to people's eyes.


2015-07-02 21:19:53

That top video was Vvvveryt spacey indeed, and kinda crazy, i didn't get much of it, but it was great animated. The second one Big Hero Sweet, i have seen that one before, full rate and everything! it was mindblowing like all your animations! amazing! just amazing!


2015-07-03 02:15:20

Cast me, doll. My portfolio wouldn't REALLLYY have a new year without some kind of piece from you.


2015-07-11 11:19:29

Can't wait for the Pokemon toon. :)
Thank you for all the great animations, you're awesome!