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MyFuckinMess's News

Posted by MyFuckinMess - July 2nd, 2015

Hi everyone, I've worked the past two months on an animated music clip for some friends of mine. It's a bit dreamy and very different from what i'm used to do, but it was very cool to work on that project.

Have a good trip!


Also, i didn't even realized, but my last toon "Big Hero Sweet" reaches the 300k views! That's crazy, thanks to you, you dirty forks!


Concerning my next toons, i'm working on a short for the channel #Mashed, and i've started a Pokemon short too but it's in stand by for now, he's probably very lonely btw..



Posted by MyFuckinMess - December 19th, 2014

Hi guys, kinda busy lately but i got some news for this end of the year! I've join the Frederator network, these guys are more focused on Cartoon and stuff, so it's better for me, i guess. I was working on some project with the channel Mashed, who are also with them apparently, but it was a good opportunity to work with deadlines, because i can be really lazy haha.


So i've wrote a little short about "Red Barrels", you know those poor things that are shot on sight :


I've also animated a story with Pusheen the cat, a cute christmas toon about how to make a pizza. It was kinda funny to make :


Anyway i'm doing stuff right now and it's a good thing! I does what i likes, and i likes what i do, (it's a Marry Poppins quotes yeah..) and i hope you like it too!

I'm also working on a short for my channel, i let you guess what is it about!


(Clue : it's a british serie)

I wish you a good end of the year, and i send all my love to you! Or hate if it's your kind of stuff :)

Posted by MyFuckinMess - October 8th, 2014

Finally a new toon to the Minecraft mob's life serie! I really enjoyed doing it and i hope you'll feel the same while watching the stuff. 

Right now i'm working on the Captain Handicapped prequel written by my mate Butsaay (Daniel Butler), and it should be really silly..! I'm also trying to leave Machinima but they don't seems to let me go..

And now for something different, the new Rust is getting better and better, here is a little glitch from a friend :

Sorry for that, i'm not makig fun of the game, the whole new design is fantastic and the mechanics have been revisited to something really attractive, nearly addictive. You should try if you're the survivor, pvp, cock lover kind haha

Here is a screenshot :


Posted by MyFuckinMess - September 18th, 2014


Posted by MyFuckinMess - April 19th, 2014

Oh hai, check out these lil poppers if you missed them!



I've worked on a lil script recently for a serie, but not sure yet but i'll certainly made a first "pilot"

It's based on a recent game.. hehe


Right now i'm on a lil something..





'sup btw?

Posted by MyFuckinMess - January 29th, 2014


My friend ThomFrost wrote a song about chickens, "D style", so i made a video of it, and i thank Fulp for loving nuggets.




If you like ThomFrost's work check out his song for the Bleeding Fingers contest! Just click here and listen to his song : http://www.hanszimmerwantsyou.com/tracks/475




Posted by MyFuckinMess - November 21st, 2013

Hello friends and enemies, it's been a while since i didn't give any news. Glad to see THE DONG have been mostly appreciated haha. Thanks for giving the opportunity to The Dong to be frontpaged for several days, it's a big step towards the commercialization of the product and the lady's pleasure.

I've been working during a month on an animation for Machinima "Just a Normal Day in GTA", the script was written by Kevin Corrigan, it was quite interesting to work on someone script but i don't think i'll do that too often. Kinda limited in the amount of dick to hide.. The story wasn't that bad but it's always funnier and enjoyable to do your own thing with your own rules. Also they added a shitty add at the begining, and kinda ruined the video quality but enjoy :

Oh and they and havn't credited the voice actors so here they are!
Adelle Yeung : http://aderumoro.newgrounds.com/
Jason Parton : http://www.youtube.com/user/jasonsgroovemachine

Right now i'm working on a good old fashion parody, i let you find the gayme.

Lil news & new animation!

Posted by MyFuckinMess - June 18th, 2013

Hey fellas! I'm going on a little road trip with a friend, starting tomorrow, so i'll be away for 1 month.. (back the 23th July) But it will be a great experience for me who didn't travel a lot, and a good way to clear my mind. This little trip will be also good for my english haha. We'll travel through Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and your mom.

I promise to work on future animations on my return! The last i made was The UndeadFeated, you can watch it on Youtube or NG for better quality!

It's a bit late because the animation isn't on the FP anymore but it's always very cool to see one of my animation on it. Knowing the site since 2001, i've never felt disappointed by it, i'm really proud to be member and part of Newgrounds!

See ya in one month! <3

Posted by MyFuckinMess - April 29th, 2013

I always wanted to make a SF parody, so if you like the game, feathers, eggs, and clucks you better watch this!

Posted by MyFuckinMess - April 10th, 2013

Be careful with your words when you're ordering.

The Order is a little parody of the game "Chivalry". You'll find nothing really related to the gameplay but little puns referencing to it.

It's really a good game to let off steam!
So support the project on Kickstarter you filthy peasant!
http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1711512107/c hivalry-medieval-warfare

Thanks for the FP! :v